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Impressed Prime Minister at Björneborg Steel

The Swedish Prime Minister was optimistic and positive after the visit to Björneborg Steel. He was especially pleased with the local investment team who acquired the business and thereby saved 160 jobs and ensured a continued industrial operation in Björneborg, which has been working for more than 360 years (since 1656).

The Prime Minister was interested to learn about the competitive forging landscape and what we are doing differently moving forward. He was impressed with our plans and how we are working both with efficiency projects as well as how we will work with our staff to create a good and strong team. The Prime Minister also understood the importance for the region of the Maritime Cluster in Kristinehamn.

Regarding the trade barriers the Prime Minister clearly realizes the direct consequences with affected sales to the US as well as the indirect consequences with an affected supply-demand balance as more steel is now exported to Europé however it is of course a very complex issue to influence.

At the workshop tour the visitors were very impressed by the 24m long shafts being produced and the optimism and motivation by our operators.

All in all a very positive meeting and we very much welcome the Prime Minister back to us at anytime.