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23 februari, 2018

Scana Steel receives Nippon approval

After en extensive audit, Scana Steel has been approved to supply material and components to applications and marine parts under the classification of ClassNK / Nippon Kaiji Kyokai. "This is of course a very positive recognition of our systematic quality work" says Mårten Lund, QA Director at Scana Steel. We add this to our other QA approvals from Det Norske Veritas DNV - Pt2 and MSA, Bureau Veritas BV-MSA, Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyds register, RINA, ABS in addition to our ISO 9001 and 14001. Read more


23 februari, 2018

News: Lathe extension

Scana Steel is extending a frequently used lathe for improved capabilities. The extension is supporting the customer segment with medium long shafts and components with length up to 14,5m. ”We really needed this extension from 12m to 14,5m says production director Peter Harnesk. ”By doing this extension we can turn many shafts which otherwise would have been machined in our bottle neck, the 24m long lathe. Now we can free up capacity there and get a higher total throughput, in line with our sales targets”. The extension is on-going and… Read more


27 oktober, 2017

Electrode upcharge

Due to an immediate global short supply situation of graphite electrodes, prices has increased very sudden and sharply. This situation is affecting the whole global steel industry operating with graphite electrodes (Electric Arc Furnace). It is affecting all Scana products by 90 EUR/ton. As such we are obliged to implement this cost increase as an Electrode Upcharge with immediate effect on all orders being placed from now onwards. For fixed price orders, the Electrode Upcharge will simply be added to the prices and be included in the fixed price. For… Read more


22 augusti, 2017

Successful Open House at Scana Steel Björneborg

On Saturday the 19th Aug, an open house was held at Scana Steel. It was quite unsure how many people who would attend and judged that 500-1000 people would be good. It turned out to be a great success with 1400 people visiting. It was everyone from customers, employees, suppliers, retired people, to children coming mainly from the surrounding areas but also visitors from Switzerland, UK, Norway and throughout Sweden. Everyone was fascinated about steel making/melting, the ductility and formability of hot steel when forging as well as the capabilities to machine large steel components… Read more


17 juli, 2017

Scana Steel wins major orders to the Marine Industry

In June, Scana Steel Björneborg AB has secured large orders from two major customers to an approximate value of 3,5 MEUR. The orders consists of forged propeller shafts to be delivered as finished components to be installed in the customers final assembly. Scana Steel controls the complete production process from steel melting of recycled scrap to ready made components. These orders shows the competence and competitiveness Scana has within the Marine segment including large propeller shafts delivered as customer solutions. Scana Steel is looking forward as there are improved market… Read more


23 september, 2015

Scana Steel – attending Euromold world fair

Between 22 Sep. - 25 Sep. Scana Steel is attending the Euromold fair in Düsseldorf together with Birlesik from Turkey. Euromold is a world fair for Mold- and Patternmaking, Tooling, Design, Additive Manufacturing and Product Development. Visit us at the Birlesik exhibition stand and find out more about our steel. Read more


23 september, 2015

Scana Steel – on LinkedIn

Scana Steel is now available on your network LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional network where you can observe different companies, individuals and groups within the professions one finds interesting. Search for Scana Steel AB and follow our updates there! Read more