Downloads for the Chinese market

Plastic injection mould steel

  • ASGM
    – General purpose mould steel
  • ASHM
    – High hardness mould steel
  • ASPM (VIP)
    – High polishing mould steel
  • ASTM (VIP)
    – High toughness mould steel
  • AS136 (VIP)
    – Stainless mould steel

Hot working mould steel

  • ASD3 (VIP)
    – Hot working steel (high toughness)
  • ASD4 (VIP)
    – Hot working steel (high wear resistance)
  • ASH7 (VIP)
    – Steel for hot forming and die forging mould
  • ASH8 (VIP)
    – Hot working steel for die casting mould



More grades and data sheets for the Chinese market

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(VIP) means that the grades are available in VIP treated version as well.