Electrode upcharge

Due to an immediate global short supply situation of graphite electrodes, prices has increased very sudden and sharply. This situation is affecting the whole global steel industry operating with graphite electrodes (Electric Arc Furnace).

It is affecting all Scana products by 90 EUR/ton. As such we are obliged to implement this cost increase as an Electrode Upcharge with immediate effect on all orders being placed from now onwards.

For fixed price orders, the Electrode Upcharge will simply be added to the prices and be included in the fixed price.

For orders with base price + scrap + alloy, it will be implemented into the alloy surcharge.

Should you have any questions you are welcome to contact your commercial contact or our Sales and Marketing Director, Håkan Dedorsson.

Håkan Dedorsson, Scana Steel Björneborg AB

Sales and Marketing Director

+46 76 540 80 70