Our story begins

Application for authorization to construct a hammer.
1661, Alderman Olof Person received the privilege to construct two hammers by the stream Vismen in Björneborg.



Natural resources - essential for the production

From 1650 and 200 years forward the ironworks in Björneborg were dependent on natural resources, forest to produce charcoal, ore to make iron and flowing water to give power to the hammer.



Björneborg Manor house

The Scana owned Björneborg Manor house was built in 1759, right next to the plant and got its present appearance in 1840. Today the manor house is used for representation and meetings with our customers.



The foundry - today a closed chapter

Interior photo from the old foundry in Björneborg. The foundry emerged to provide the production with spare parts for equipment and machines. Today the foundry is a closed chapter.



Hard work - large products

The picture is taken in front of the old forge in Björneborg and the shaft weighs approximately 15 tons. In 1898, a 15 ton shaft was very large and heavy. Today, we see differently on the weight.



Stock certificate

The business was at this time owned by "Björneborgs Jernverks AB". On the certificate you can see bears, bears that are a part of an amazing legend about a bear that wanders into the forge in Björneborg.


Long experience of complex products

The Machine shop in Björneborg 1956. Proud operators next to Crank shafts of different sizes.



Scana Industries buys Björneborgs Järnverk

A new chapter begins. The Norwegian industrial group with head quarters in Stavanger acquired Björneborgs Järnverk. In the following years, business developed very positively.


Oil & Gas focus

The company Scana Subsea establishes. Focus is on sale and production of oil & gas products.


Establishment of Scana Machining

Scana buys the property of the liquidated Axcel Components in Kristinehamn.
The company has a history that dates back more than 360 years.



Establishment of Scana Steel

Scana Steel Björneborg, Scana Machining and Scana Subsea becomes a part of Scana Steel. One hub of technical know-how, engineering capacity, product development and production.



Today Scana Steel is a product and complete system solution supplier, including project management, production and quality assurance. Do you want to join us on the road ahead?