Heat Treatment
– a prerequisite for the steel’s properties!

Do you want to optimise the mechanical properties of the steel and facilitate further processing?

At Scana Heat your goods get a professional heat treatment. It doesn’t matter if the goods weigh 10 or 40,000 kilos, or if the series is large or small: we have what it takes to quickly and safely deliver what you expect.

An important resource is of course our 20 electric batch furnaces. They cover a temperature range between 100 and 1,230 °C, and keep a confirmed and calibrated even heat. The uniform heat is an imperative for meeting the very high requirements of our customers in the offshore and nuclear industry. Scana has one of the largest ovens in Scandinavia (12 x 4 x 2 meter) with a capacity of up to 40 tonnes piece weight.

The key resource though is our “software”, ie our employees. At Scana Heat we focus on you, the customer, and contribute with expertise, flexibility and quality. The sooner we meet, the better the result of our cooperation.


The volume of our largest furnace is 96 m³. In theory, it could accommodate six cars!

Large welded structures, shafts and tool plates are some examples of what we heat treat.




Examples of heat treatment services

  • Stress relieving after welding/processing
  • Curing/Tempering
  • Normalising
  • Solution treatment
  • Soft annealing
  • Customised applications developed through dialogue with the customer
Other services we can provide

  • Hardness testing, Brinell alt. HRC
  • Straightening
  • Non-destructive testing, level 2
    – Ultrasonic testing
    – Penetrant inspection
    – Magnetic particle inspection
  • Blasting
  • Cutting/Sawing
  • Destructive testing, mechanic testing, and structural and material analysis
  • Logistics
  • Temperature uniformity measurements