Scana Steel wins major orders to the Marine Industry

In June, Scana Steel Björneborg AB has secured large orders from two major customers to an approximate value of 3,5 MEUR. The orders consists of forged propeller shafts to be delivered as finished components to be installed in the customers final assembly.

Scana Steel controls the complete production process from steel melting of recycled scrap to ready made components. These orders shows the competence and competitiveness Scana has within the Marine segment including large propeller shafts delivered as customer solutions.

Scana Steel is looking forward as there are improved market conditions within the marine segment as well as within the customer segment Steel. The steel segment includes various tool steels for moulds and dies to the plastic- as well as automotive industry. The Steel segment also serves customers with steel for different bearing applications.


For further information contact:

Sören Andersson, CEO Scana Steel AB +46 550 252 71,