Successful Open House at Scana Steel Björneborg

On Saturday the 19th Aug, an open house was held at Scana Steel. It was quite unsure how many people who would attend and judged that 500-1000 people would be good. It turned out to be a great success with 1400 people visiting. It was everyone from customers, employees, suppliers, retired people, to children coming mainly from the surrounding areas but also visitors from Switzerland, UK, Norway and throughout Sweden.

Everyone was fascinated about steel making/melting, the ductility and formability of hot steel when forging as well as the capabilities to machine large steel components and to get knowledge about where and how these products are used.

The environmental engineer students were fascinated about the recycling of scrapped steel, how the process is controlled and how hot flue gasses is cleaned to protect the environment.

Everyone was also fascinated and pleased about the warm welcome at the plant and the friendliness and information given by all guides/employees.

All in all it was a great day and it shows that there is still an interest and fascination for traditional industry and how it is developing and adopting to todays society.

See you there next time!

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