Heat treatment

The heat treatment required for complex applications

Different application areas mean different requirements with regard to steel composition and properties. An advanced heat treatment plant means that we can offer a wide range of steel grades, perfectly adapted to customer requirements. Our skilled, experienced and thorough employees play a crucial role in achieving the perfect end result. Scana Steel uses a number of different heat treatment methods to give the steel the correct properties, such as step-annealing, normalising, stress-relieving, hardening, oil and water quenching and tempering.


  • 11 furnaces
  • Annealing: 600-650°C, 24 metres max. length
  • Normalisation: Max. 1050°C, 24 metres max. length
  • Quench & tempering: 850-1050°C, water 19.5 metres max. length, oil 14.5 metres max. length

We also collaborate with carefully selected partners for additional heat treatment.

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